Bhakti Centre Gold Coast Janmastami Celebration 20-08-2011


Over 100 Devotees gathered tonight to celebrate the special event, SRI KRISHNA JANMASTAMI at Bhakti Centre GC. HH Ramai Swami Maharaj lead the program with Tulsi Arati and estatic Bhajans, followed by the first grain Ceremony for Kalindi’s baby, India Lila. The baby went straight for the Bhagavat Gita and then she ate the sweet rice from Maharaj’s finger.

Damodara Pundit and Devotees from the New Govardhana Farm performed an amazing drama “Swamiji at Sea” that was very moving. The Abhishek Ceremony was performed by Ramai Maharaj for their Lordships while HG Garuda Das continued with the Kirtan. The local devotees also sponsored the Janmastami Kalash, brought thoughtful Gifts, nice Sweets, Snacks, Flowers and Veges for Lord Krishna. It was a blissful evening and everyone had a wonderful time.

The Management of BCGC wish to thank all Devotees for participating in the program and the Organising Team for their continuous support to Bhakti Centre to make this a successful event. We’d also like to hearty thank our Major Sponsors of BCGC, Govindas Veg-O-Rama & Pashin Stores. May Lord Krishna bless you all! Jai Sri Krishna!

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