My introduction to kirtan – Sri Prahlada


In the beginning of creation, the Lord of all creatures sent forth generations of people and devas [demigods], along with sacrifices, and blessed them by saying, “Be thou happy by this yajna [sacrifice] because its performance will bestow upon you all desirable things. The devas, being pleased by sacrifices, will also please you; thus nourishing one another, there will reign general prosperity for all”.

Bhagavad-gita 3, 10-11

My introduction to kirtan

When I was five my dad got into kirtan, an ancient form of meditation based upon sacred music. My dad was a child of the 1960s, which were a critical time in modern history when people, particularly the disillusioned youth, began questioning the status quo. Many also began to recognise that India’s ancient yogi might hold the answers to the hollowness and superficiality that seemed to characterise most people’s lives in modern society. My dad was one such questioning youth who became intrigued by the yogis and the practice of kirtan. When I was born dad was on this spiritual journey and as I grew, he endeavoured to imbibe within me all that he learnt. One night before bed my dad told me the following account of the Earth’s spiritual history, as described in India’s yoga texts:

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