WHAT – WHEN – WHERE Janmastami details for ISKCON Sydney


Hare Krishna

Please join us to joyously celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday,
Jamashtami at the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath ISKCON Mandir,
180 Falcon Street, North Sydney, NSW.

The 40th Jamashtami and Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja celebration in
Australia by ISKCON is a 3 day event (Sunday, August 21st – Tuesday
August 23rd) and includes the following:-

SUNDAY, August 21st
– Non-stop soul uplifting Kirtans from 10am-10pm on Sunday
– Traditional dance performances for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath
– A drama performed on Krishna’s dealings with his devotee friend Sudama
– Gift stalls exhibiting oil paintings, Indian garments,
devotional paraphernalia and much much more!!

MONDAY, August 22nd
– Kirtan in the temple from 4:30pm-MIdnight
– Arati at 7pm
– Abhishek at 7:30
– Gift Opening 10 – 11pm
– Maha Arati at MIDNIGHT
– MAHA Feast after the Arati

TUESDAY, August 23rd
– Kirtan in the temple from 9am-12:30 pm inclusive of
Kirtan, Offerings to Srila Prabhupada by disciples,
Guru Puja and Feast

How YOU can help

Volunteers needed to help in kitchen, decoration and security.
If you wish to help,please call
NITIN at 0407 135 952

Please help the temple financially by buying some of our
amazing Jamashtami gifts.
For more details contact
Govinda Hari at 0423 666 911 or
Shubh Krsna at 0410 734 229

180 Falcon Street, North Sydney NSW 2060. Australia. Phone: (02)9959 4558

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