Sri Krsna Janmashtami at Sydney Temple


Sri Krsna Janmastami ay Sri Sri Radha-Gopinatha Mandir
180 Falcon St, Sydney, Australia·

Phone (02) 9959 4558

21 August at 15:00 – until 21 August

When Krishna appears all the planets were in very auspicious
combination. The sky, even though it was a monsoon season the sky
suddenly became cloudless. It was night time so therefore the stars appeared
in the sky. Everything was very very peaceful. That was monsoon season and the rivers are generally filled with mud. The rivers became very clear. The
lakes became very clear. And suddenly all the lotuses began to bloom and the
water lily it all began to bloom in lakes and ponds and even though it was
night time the flowers began to open, different flowers began to open and
the birds began to sing in the middle of the night. Generally they go to
sleep at night; they began to sing along with the breeze. And a breeze was
blowing so generally of course the wind which is mild is very very pleasant.
So there was a pleasant breeze bringing the aroma of flowers and also at
this time the Brahmans began to light fire and began sacrifices. Even though
they had stopped sacrifices because of the prosecution of Kamsa. So, one
could hear the chanting of the brahmanas at this time also. Generally they
don’t do it at night times but generally they began lighting the fire at the
night time and chanting. So in this way the Lord appeared and it is
described here in the present verses that He appeared but He did not
appeared as a normal child because the Supreme Lord is not born, for one
thing, so therefore if He born in this material world then it is rather His
appearance. The peculiar thing is that appearance is also not false.
Generally if we say it is appearance, it is false but its also not false
because Lord’s lila are true.
(Janmashtami Morning lecture by HH Bhanu Swami on 7th sept 2004 )

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