Sydney – Harinam Sankirtan is calling your names


Today we went on Harinam Sankirtan in Sydney. It was great. People everywhere smiled and danced a step or two. Cab drivers honk their horns and little kids are mezmerised.

People wave, and some just stare dumbfounded by the scene created by the devotees dancing down the street calling out the Mahamantra which echoes of the walls and into the ears of every being nearby.

Hours later the names of Krishna are still ringing in your heart when you have been out on Harinam chanting at the top of your voice. After chanting loud for an hour or so all the colours seem brighter, everyone seems nicer, every word is a song and every step a dance.

Find yourself on Harinam as soon as you can.

Harinam Sankirtan is the Yuga Dharma, the duty and sadhana for devotees of Krishna in this age. Harinam Sankirtan will change how you feel about the holy names. When you see complete strangers smiling and dancing from merely hearing us sing and clap. Please come alog next saturday at 11:30 in Sydney on the corner of Bathurst and George St. Or start your own and invte your friends. Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jay.

From Harinam Sankirtan – Sydney – 13 August 2011, posted by Antony Brennan on 8/13/2011 (44 items)

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