Authorities on Alert as Sri Harinama Manifest in Sydney Australia


Every Saturday Sri Harinama manifests in Sydney on the corner of George and Bathurst Street at 11:30am.

When they hear the mantra people show us what’s in their hearts. As they pass by and we sing and dance most people smile and some laugh. Some people dance as they move along. Some people stand dumfounded to see that we are singing and dancing and having fun doing it but not asking for any money, in fact not asking them for anything.

There are some people who gave a scowl on their face and when they see us they scowl more and look at us as they pass. Poor things. I think a smile is trying to get out and they make a scowl to stop it.

Today a man looked at us and threw up his hands despairingly. He got the attention of the man next to us and said something thumbing in our direction, throwing his hands up in despair again. It made me laugh and laugh. Many people pull out their phones and cameras and take pictures of us. I like to get a photo of them doing that. No matter what they do everyone hears the mantra.

See the photo’s:

From Sri Harinam Sankirtan. Sydney, Australia 3 September 2011, posted by Antony Brennan on 9/03/2011 (21 items)

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