Book Review: The Beat of Different Drums – A brief auto-biography of Jayadeva das Prabhu


The beat of different drums

A brief auto-biography of Jayadeva das Prabhu

By Patita Pavana das Adhikary

I define a good day as one when I have had the pleasure of reading a good book. And by that definition, today was a very good day because I was curled up with Jayadeva das’ The Beat of Different Drums. And I say emphatically that this was one of the very best books that I have ever read.

But first, you ask, what makes a good book? As Shrila Prabhupada points out, “Lord Chaitanya ordered His disciples to write books on the science of Krishna consciousness, a process that those who follow Him carry out to the present day.” And the auto-biography of John Richardson, who devotees know and love as Jayadeva Prabhu, fits that qualification nicely. His soon-to-be-released bio is not only well-written and saturated with humor and adventure but it brims with a subtle undercurrent of Lord Krishna’s Divine Hand at work on each page. By the grace of Shrila Prabhupada and the spiritual master who initiated Jayadeva and his family, HH Shivarama Swami, I can declare that no book quite like this one has ever been written before.

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