Plane Reading for Part-time Babajis – a book by Braja Sorensen


New e-book: “India & Beyond: Plane Reading for Part-time Babajis”
by Braja Sorensen

Light reading for yogis, bhaktas, babajis, and wanna-be’s while traveling to India—and beyond. From the beginnings of my own personal spiritual path in a dusty outback town in Australia, “India & Beyond” starts at childhood and goes from cow protection to Jesus in Denmark, through to ganja smoking holy men, cult religion, spiritual equality, and old age, each chapter an often comic journey through the challenge that is India. It records some victories and even delivers some questions, and all of it viewed from front row seats in the Eastern Philosophy grandstand. Are you game?

Available here on

If you don’t have an e-reader, PDF versions are available here in the right margin, payment via Paypal
Price: $2.99

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