The Sacred Rhythm Retreat with The Mayapuris and Sri Prahlada is just around the corner, don’t be the one who missed it


Dear Friends,

The Sacred Rhythm Retreat with The Mayapuris and Sri Prahlada is just around the corner. Undoubtedly it’s going to be one of the most exciting Australian Kirtan events of 2011. 

Mayapuris are taking the international Kirtan scene by storm, and they’re being listed at the main events all over the world.

Sri Prahlada’s Kirtans are very well known and close to our hearts. 

I just returned from Bhakti Fest in California where Mayapuris drew one of the biggest crowds of the festival through a journey of dance, spoken word and an amazing Kirtan. Through the festival they were invited to accompany on stage many headliners like Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Gaura Vani and others. 

The Sacred Rhythm Retreat will take place at Mangrove Yoga Ashram between 7th-9th of October. This is going to be a very personal and intimate experience of Kirtan with leading artists of this genre.

Sri Prahlada is going to do Kirtan, and will lead the Power of Sound- an innovative workshop on mantra meditation. Japa, or mantra meditation has been his personal practice for 30 years. His understanding of modern psychology, and extensive personal experience of meditation create an unique combination, and life enhancing workshop.
Mayapuris are multitalented artist. Their workshops on dance, sacred rhythm, harmonium, mridanga to mention few, provide great transformational and educational value.

Go to the Facebook event page to find out how to book

here are couple of The Mayapuris videos from Bhakti Fest:


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