Sri Prahlada and the Bhakti Band – Minto Siva Temple – Australia


Harinam Sankirtan is Krishna’s secret weapon for this age of Kali. Everyone can enjoy kirtan. Most people love it. Sri Prahlada and the Bhakti Band came to Minto’s Beautiful Siva Temple to share kirtann with all the assembled devotees.

Everyone enjoyed chanting the Mahamantra in the call and response fashion. Great joy and dancing ensued. Sri Prahlada told us how chanting the Mahamantra was to purify our hearts. In the incedible atmosphere of the temple, surrounded by the murtis of divine beings from the spiritual world we were carried away like a magic caarpet on a cloud of Krishna’s names. And then there was prasadam.

The kind and wonderful members of the Siva Temple community provided delicious prasadam for everyone who came along.

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Sri Camera manifested these photographs:

From Sri Prahlad Kirtan in Lord Shiva’s Minto temple 3 September 2011, posted by Antony Brennan on 9/02/2011 (40 items)

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