Bridging the tolerance gap


CROWS NEST: No religion knows the whole truth and should learn from each other, a Crows Nest minister says.

For the third year in a row, Crows Nest Uniting Church has invited people from other religions to speak about their tradition and practice at their multi-faith services.

“Not one of us has the whole truth, we need each other,” minister Michael Barnes told the Daily.

The idea for the services came up six years ago after Professor Dennis Foley offered to take a group of people from the church to a Sydney national park to show them sacred Aboriginal sites.

He took them to a rock platform and poured water on it, revealing some rock carvings.

“It was an amazing experience,” Mr Barnes said.

This year, the church will have people from the Jewish community, Hare Krishna, a North Sydney Catholic church and Prof Foley, who will speak about Aboriginal spirituality.

I’d like to invite all of you for the interfaith service at the Uniting Church in Crows Nest. 23rd Oct at 10am- Crows Nest Uniting Church, on the corner of Shirley Rd & Nicholson St. Sri Prahlada is going to speak there.

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