Friends of ISKCON Sydney – the Facebook page – You Like?


This Group is for:

1) Spreading the Glories of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath.

2) Uniting and Networking the Friends and Devotees of ISKCON Sydney.

3) Keeping people up to date with major Events at ISKCON Sydney.

4) Discussing Srila Prabhupadas teachings as they relate to the. Sydney Sangha

5) Sharing our realisations.

6) Inspiration and Motivation for ISKCON Sydney

7) Posting ISKCON Media Links like Kirtans and Lectures.

8.) Promoting ongoing projects in the local ISKCON community like Food for Life, Harinam and house Programs in Sydney.

9) Planning local Events like Kirtan retreats and Japa camps.

10) Anyone who is interested in Volunteering at ISKCON Sydney.

11) Promoting Cow Protection and Vegetarianism.

12) Sharing ISKCON News from around Sydney

13) Networking Musicians for Kirtans

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