Mahamantra Yoga – Chanting to Anchor the Mind and Access the Divine


Mahamantra Yoga – Chanting to Anchor the Mind and Access the Divine

Based on a rich and ancient tradition revived more than five hundred years ago by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in India, mahamantra yoga involves repeated recitation of a sacred phrase, such as the name of a deity, to anchor the mind and access ecstatic states, higher consciousness, and, ultimately, as you vibrate the holy names, the Divine presence in sound. Part of the bhakti devotional tradition, mahamantra yoga is considered the best path to self-realization in the current age, offering a doorway into the hidden recesses of our innermost being–the internal forest of the heart.

Citing ancient Vedic texts and the insights of perfected mahamantra yogis, Richard Whitehurst reveals the methods of mahamantra yoga and his own profound experiences based on more than 20 years of intense practice. Using the core principles of this ancient tradition, he offers mental and physical exercises–such as how to coordinate the breath, vocal cords, and mouth–to move beyond rote chanting and pursue the practice consciously and joyfully. He explains how to overcome common obstacles to successful chanting as well as purification practices to intensify your efforts. Including a 45-minute CD of mahamantra yoga chants, this book is the perfect guide for those looking to deepen the spirituality of their physical yoga practice and attain the goals of spiritual life in the midst of the modern world.

“From time immemorial, religions have used singing and the chanting of sacred syllables, mantras, to lift their spirits to the divine. Yoga, for its part, is an exercise or practice to strengthen the human spirit and help it mature. All this is pulled together in . . . this remarkable book.”
–Huston Smith, author of The World’s Religions

“Chanting is a venerable vehicle for altering consciousness and for personal transformation. This book is a manual for diligent practitioners of the ‘great mantra’ process of chanting, one rooted in ancient Hindu traditions. It is detailed, comprehensive, and instructive. Those readers who immerse themselves in it will find the journey worth the effort.”
–Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., coauthor of Personal Mythology and the Alan Watts professor of psychology at Saybrook University

Sridhara Das (Richard Whitehurst) is an initiated disciple of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He began his practice of mahamantra yoga in 1970 while a student of psychology at the University of Florida. For 10 years he lived as a wandering monk and traveled extensively throughout the Indian subcontinent. He has lectured about the tradition of bhakti yoga and mahamantra yoga at colleges and universities in India, England, the United States, and Australia and has appeared on radio and TV. An accomplished facilitator of kirtan and bhajan, he lives in New Farm, Queensland, Australia.

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