Govardhana Puja Festival – Adelaide 2011


The Govardhan Puja festival was celebrated on 28th of October, 2011 the day
after Divali at the temple grounds with much colour and gaiety. Lord Indra
had become furious that the people of Gokul were not celebrating the
festival in his honour thus lashed at them with heavy rains. When the
Brajavasis pleaded with Krsna for help the Lord lifted Mount Govardhan as if
it was an umbrella with His little finger so that everyone could take
shelter under it. He held it for seven days to protect them from the deluge
that Indra had sent. After this event Lord Krishna came to be known as
Giridhari or Govardhandhari.

Devotees around the world celebrate this pastime yearly by building a
replica of Govardhan with prasadam, then place a murti of Lord Krishna atop
and finally circumambulate the ‘Anna-koot’ swaying to the rhythm of sweet
kirtana. ISKCON Adelaide celebrated the festival with a slight twist. A
mount of rocks which had been erected for landscaping to enhance the beauty
of the gardens (thanks to our Christian predecessors) served as the focal
point for this colourful festival. The rock-formation represented the
legendary Govardhan in Mathura and a Giriraj sila representing Krsna was
placed on the ‘hillock’. A mountain of goodies like sweets, cakes, cereals,
pulses, fruits, vegetables, chutneys, pickles, and salads were placed in
front of the deity and offerings made.

Inside the temple a skit on ‘Indra Yajna Bhangam’ was performed by children
to the appreciation of all. After a discourse on this lila by HG Adi Purusa
Krsna dasa the ‘Anna koot’ was distributed to the large group of devotees
that had turned up for the event.

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