Sunshine Coast Ratha Yatra – Australia


By Jamal Arjuna Dasa

A very wonderful Rathyatra festival was held on the Sunshine Coast at Bli Bli Parklakes Sports and Recreation Park. This historic event was organized by husband and wife team, Kisori Dasi and Nrsimhananda Prabhu. They were Supported by their mother Draupadi Mataji from NZ.

The family built the cart decorated and painted it with help from friends and relatives. The cart was nicely painted by Ambika Mataji.

On the auspicious day the festival was well attended by many local Devotees and guests. Also Devotees from the Gold Coast, New Govardhana and Brisbane attended. The festival was very well organized.

All agreed it was a grand success. After the parade Gunarnava Prabhu, Mandapa Prabhu, Vishalini Mataji and Sitapati Prabhu spoke about the history of Rathyatra, Srila Prabhupada Bringing Rathyatra to the west, Jayananda Prabhu and many other Rathyatra pastimes.

After Arotik and Kirtan an excellent Prasadam feast was served. The feast was sponsored by Krsna Balarama Prabhu, Kishori’s brother. All glories to the assembled devotees who worked so hard to bring Rathyatra to the Sunshine Coast. They promised it will become a yearly event.


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