Go Puja @ New Gokula Farm



New Gokula Farm hosted the event of Makara Sankranti this January 14th , which was celebrated by a large gathering of around 200 people.

Arranged by devotees from the suburbs of Sydney ,the event proved a great family occasion, with around 35 families involved in offering a tradional Go-puja, conducted under the competent direction of Mr Jatin Kumar, well known bhramin priest of Sri Mandir in Auburn.

Devotees of New Gokula ,who are committed to the welfare of a herd of 58 cows and bulls were naturally inspired seeing the sincere offerings of mantras and oblations directed to beseeching the blessings of mother cow.

His Holiness, Janananda Goswami ,present for the inauguration of the Puja ,read relevant passages from the holy Puranas extolling the imperativeness of protecting the cows and bulls ,who personify religious principles ,and in whom all Devatas have chosen to reside. As directed in the Vedic scriptures ,happiness in human society cannot manifest without appropriate protection of our worshipable mother cow, who ,by the Supreme Lord’s divine arrangement , is the most magnanimous benefactor of human society among all species of animals.

The seven cows chosen to represent the herd enjoyed plentiful green hay and grains ,while the ceremonies were performed, and were then returned to the adjacent pastures, reminding devotees of the pastime of herding cows performed personally by Lord Sri Krsna Himself, five thousand years ago in Vrindavan.

Accompanied by blissful sankirtan ,the noon arati was performed to The Deity forms of Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda , and then a wonderful sumptuous feast containing plentiful fresh milk products such as panir , yoghurt ,and ghee was joyfully honored by all the devotees.

The occasion was duly completed in true Gujarati style by the pastime of kite flying ,enjoyed by the young ,as well as the young at heart. Scores of colorful kites decorated the skies above New Gokula, sailing gracefully in the pleasant afternoon breezes.

As the sun descended in the west ,unwilling children were herded into their vehicles ,whilst parents assured them ,that they would surely be returning to New Gokula farm for more adventures in the very near future. There seemed to be a unanimous vote to establish an annual Makara Sankranti festival ,and to bring friends along to this uplifting Holy-day.


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