ISCOWP Update – It’s Cow Protection you know


When you tell your friends you support cow protection and they look at you like you must be crazy, are you frustrated? You try to explain but the concept is so foreign to them that they aren’t really listening.

Let’s make the words “cow protection” household words and end our frustration as well as increase the numbers of cows protected. The more people who understand cow protection translates into more people who support cow protection and that means more cows protected.

Starting in April, we will be producing video clips about activities at the farm specifically ox training, the importance of cow protection, caring for the cows in all seasons and food production and preserving. These will all be shot in the living classroom setting of ISCOWP farm as we go about our everyday activities. We will upload the videos to You Tube and we can also upload to our Facebook and Cause page.

Our Cause page has 6,102 members and the Facebook page has 4,521 likes and 1,500 weekly users. With the combination of YouTube, Facebook and Causes, we feel we will reach a wide audience to educate and inspire people to the spiritual and material value and importance of cow protection in this age.Eventually, we will organize these videos into educational disks for distribution.

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