Kirtan Fest featuring Vaiyasaki and the Kirtan Explosion


Vaiyasaki Das and the Kirtan Explosion Band will be playing at Kirtan fest at Govinda Valley

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Some spiritual truths cannot be conveyed in words—but are carried instantly to the soul when experienced directly through music. Vaiyasaki Das, a tenor and international kirtaniya, travels the world transformig hearts by the chanting of the Divine Names of the Supreme. His kirtan music features inspirational sacred music gathered from many Kirtan traditions from India and Bangladesh.

Vaiyasaki, an initiated disciple of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, spent many years in India and Bangladesh since the 1970’s learning the ragas inherent to the various kirtan styles from master kirtan musicians, saints, and singers who inspire whole villages in Bangladesh to join in the ecstatic chanting of the spiritual celebration of kirtan. Since the 70’s he has toured introducing raga kirtan and devotional Bengali music in 5 continents, recorded 12 CDs, and written two books how the kirtan/yoga culture was transplanted to the West.

His considerable knowledge of the vast repertoire of Indian bhajans has provided the foundation for a new generation of artists, in the flourishing genre of kirtan yoga and mantra meditation.

Each of his musical recordings is intended as a heartfelt offering from the heart. His CDs include: The Way of Love, Charana Kamal, Kirtan Rasa, Hari-Nam-Ananda, Transcendence, Vrindavan Chandra, Chaitanya Chandra, Ratha-Yatra USA, Bhakti-ratna Mala, Best of Vaiyasaki, Sri Krishna Divya Nam -the beautiful divine name, & Kirtan Explosion -high energy kirtans.

“Vaiyasaki Das’s kirtan music is imported from the spiritual world. His voice is a gift from the gods. When one hears his otherworldly vocals, the heart opens and the mind becomes soothed. He transports listeners to a divine realm, wherein every word is a song and every step is a dance. Making use of prodigious recording skills and his innate musical talents, his CDs reflect this spiritual phenomenon, enabling listeners to experience sonic bliss.”
-Steven J. Rosen, author, Yoga of Kirtan

Kirtan Music Festival Retreat

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd January


3 day retreat – $290 per person (Shared accommodation with 4 beds per room & includes six meals)

3 day retreat camping – $240 per person (includes six meals)

Day pass: $70

Join us for a transcendental weekend of sacred music with some of the worlds leading kirtan artists including International recording artist Vaiyasaki, Sri Prahlada, Camella Baynie, Dwaipayana, Vraja Kumari Vamsi Dhari and Clayton Frick

Enquiries/bookings: Tony 0425 333 086.

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As accommodation is limited book early to avoid dissappointment

Festival schedule (Subject to change)


4 pm onwards Check-in

6–7:30 pm Dinner and Welcome

7-8 pm Kirtan – Tribhi/Vamsi/Vraja

8-10 pm Kirtan – Vaiyasaki Das

10pm on kirtan – Sri Prahlad / Gitanjali


5:30-6:30 am Sunrise meditation @ Bald Hill

7-8:30 am Yoga / or Mantra Chill with Tribhi

8:30-9:30 am Breakfast

10am-12pm Singing Workshop (Gitanjali) or Meditation session

12:00-1pm Lunch

1:00-2:30pm Nature walk

1:30-3 pm Kirtan – Tribhi

3:00-5:00 Kirtan Workshop
3-4:30 pm Kirtan – Dwaipayana

4:30-6 pm Kirtan – Vraja/Vamsi

5:00-6pm Yoga

6-7 pm Dinner

6-7 pm Kirtan – Tribhi

7-8:30 pm Kirtan – Gitanjali

8:30-10pm Kirtan – Sri Prahlad

10pm on Kirtan – (All together now)


5:30-6:30 am Sunrise meditation

7-8:30 am Yoga / or Mantra Chill with Tribhi

8:30-9:30am Breakfast

10am-12pm Singing Workshop (Gitanjali)

10am-12pm Nature walk

12pm-1pm Lunch

1-3 pm Kirtan Workshop

1:30-3 pm Kirtan – Gitanjali

3-4:30 pm Kirtan – Tribhi

4:30-6 pm Kirtan – Sri Prahlad

6pm on Kirtan – (All together now)


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