The Yoga of Eating



The Yoga of Eating: A book by Paul Turner, Director of Food for Life Global.

Food Yogi is a completely new approach to holistic living. Until now, books on healthy living and nutrition have focused on the mechanics of health and happiness, and in doing so, have promoted philosophies and plans that in one way or another have alienated vast numbers of people. As a result, despite volumes of literature and research there is no consensus on what diet or mode of living is best. What they have all failed to identify is one underlying truth that connects us all and from which all health plans can be reconciled and/or elevated to their ultimate stature.

That truth is: our constitutional nature is spirit and we are all
spiritually equal. Any healthy living program therefore needs to
address the “nutritional” needs of body, mind and spirit. Utilizing
scientific facts and logical argument author Paul Turner introduces the reader to higher concepts of self worth, replacing the selfish ideals of impersonal consumerism with a philosophy of grateful, interdependent spirituality, where health and happiness, are not the exclusive domain of a chosen few, but are possible for everyone. This book aims to encourage the reader to start making food part of their daily spiritual ritual.

The Yoga of Eating covers a wide range of topics related to food with the aim of making people think more deeply about their food choices and how important food is to their spiritual development. The book leads the reader along a path of becoming more aware of the divine nature of
food to the point where they are then introduced to The FOOD OFFERING MEDITATION, which summarizes the lessons learned along the way and serves to put them in the right frame of mind to transform their eating into a spiritual experience.

Paul Turner has taught The Yoga of Eating at vegetarian conferences around the world for the last 15 years. Based on the positive responses from my seminars, He feels strongly that the public is fully ready to embrace the ideals of FOOD YOGA and this book will provide the unbiased guidance they need.

Joel Salatin of PolyFace Farm, Fresh, and the academy award nominated Food Inc. speaks about the new food paradigm this way:

“There is a certain sense of sacredness that can come from our connection with our food: Having a relationship with our farmers, seeing and knowing where our food comes from, being present while
preparing it, giving thanks or making an offering, and most importantly being present while eating. Generally, we would be lucky to have part of this equation going just some of the time. The ideal is having the full chain of events working in our lives on a regular sustained basis. This is what the new paradigm of food is striving for.”

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