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Hare Krishna!

Welcome back. There are lots of activites lined up in the months to come. We will keep you posted through our news letters but for most current updates please visit our ISKCON Sydney temple website:

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ISKCON Sydney Temple
180 Falcon Street
North Sydney 2060

Past Events

Srila Prabhupada Memorial Festival

Monday 17th September

On the 17th of September the temple celebrated Srila Prabhupada’s arrival to the USA. This program was organised by the disciples of His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami on the auspicious occasion of Maharaja’s Vyas Puja.

Srila Prabhupada’s direct disciples and senior temple devotees spoke about Srila Prabhupada and his incredible sacrifice which saw the birth of ISKCON. His Holiness Ramai Swami Maharaja’s kirtan captivated the audience as did his lecture on his personal experiences with Srila Prabhupada! The program ended with a grand feast. There were 200 bhoga offering to Guru Maharaja!

Thank you to all devotees who cooked and brought the bhoga and to all others who organised this event.

Shri Radhastami

On the 23rd of September we will be celebrating the Divine Appearance Day of Srimati Radharani. The temple program is as follows:

6 – 7PM: Class by Sri Prahlad Prabhu
7 PM – Gaura Arati
7.30 PM: Abhishek and Kirtan
8:15 PM: Free FEAST !!

Please come and get blessings of Srimati Radharani. Even the smallest drop of Her mercy will make us progress in our Bhakti by leaps and bounds and make our ife fulfilling.

Upcoming events

Retreat with Kadamba Kanan Swami: LIVING WITH VOWS

Saturday 29th September to Sunday 30 the September 2012

His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Maharaja is a disciple of His Holiness Jaya Advaita Swami Maharaja.Kadamba Kanana Swami is a world renowned kirtaniya.

Once again we have opportunity to enter into Krishna’s zone for two days with Maharaja where he will be holding the Bhakti Retreat on “Living with the Vows” on 29th and 30th of September 2012 at a beautiful green and serene atmosphere of “Glengarry ” , only 15km north of Sydney central.

This retreat is an opportunity for all the devotees to strengthen our relationship with holy name by leaving everything aside and focus on chanting and hearing about Krishna. Everyone is cordially invited to participate in this upcoming event and drink the nectarean message of the Personality of Godhead.

The details are as follows:

Cost $100
Glengarry, 59-63 Miowera Road
North Turramurra, NSW 2063
Limited Accommodation Facility


Mayank -0420 589 016 ,
Tushta -0433 473 846 ,

12 hour Kirtan with special Guests

Sunday 14th October

We will be hosting 12 Hour Kirtan on Sunday the 14th October.

This 12 Hour Kirtan will feature some very honoured and renouned guests. We will have with us His Holiness Sacinandana Swami Maharaja who is the pioneer of Holy Name Retreats across the world and the World Famous Kirtaniya His Grace Madhava Prabhu.

Both our guests have been blessed with a divine voice. Their kirtans are experiences of their love from the heart. Their love and devotion can be heard in every note and before you know you will be drawn into an ecstatic journey!!!

For the detailed kirtan roaster please refer to the link:

Please come and relish this profoundly deep spiritual experience of indescribable beauty.


Sunday School:

The last week of the Sunday school for term 3 is this week, which coincides with Radhastami (Radharani’s birthday) this Sunday September 23.

We are planning to have a party in the park across the road from the temple, where the kids can play in the playground, have their face painted with Gopi dots and play some games.

After the school holidays, classes will return again back to normal.

Please note we have also started our sponsorship of a little girl attending the Vrindavana Sandipani Muni school in India. Her name is Mamta and she is 8 years old. Thanks to all who contributed especially young Levi!

Please let us know if you want your child to be enrolled again next term. You must do so by email or enroll again online. And then once you pay the term fee for term 4, which is $10 only then you child will be formally enrolled.

We will not hold a spot for your child unless you have previously enrolled and paid to be fair to those who do enroll and pay.

To pay for school fees, the details are below:

1) Direct credit to bank, the details to pay are:

ANZ bank account


BSB 012 341

Account # 565 319 692 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 565 319 692 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Reference : your child’s name

2) In person at the temple this Sunday

Here is how you can register your child at Sunday school.

TO REGISTER (one of 2 ways, the first is preferred)

1) go to click on online registration and input the required details to submit

2) email us on (with details of your child’s name, age, school year and your contact details)

Thank you for your continued support. Once registered, we will hold a place for your child but preference will be given to those who register and prepay the class fee.

Classes continue every Sunday at 5pm and run to about 6.15pm and include dinner Prasadam for the children. Classes are held during normal school term so there will be 10 classes per term and the children cover topics such as spiritual life, Krishna, vegetarianism, holy festivals and persons etc.

Please note the following event coming soon for your children:

August 12 we are planning the celebration of Krishna’s Birthday (and appearance in this world) with a special Kids program. In this program we get the kids to do most of the activities such as worshipping Krishna, dramas, dance, kirtan, bathing the deities.

There are also special activities for the children and a special feast of course. So put that day in your diary.

If any of you would like to be involved with the teaching especially to the youngest kids please let your child’s teacher know asap, your help will allow us to provide a better service to your children.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the temple this Sunday.

If you need to give any feed back please contact Prananatha das or Vilas Manjari mataji at:

For details please visit:

We have started Bharat Natyam Dance Classes in the temple on Sunday from 6.00PM to 7.00PM. They are conducted by Malobika Bhale-who is a professional dancer.

If you wish to enroll your child please contact temple reception on Saturday and Sunday between 5pm to 8 PM

Krishna’s vegetarian- the temple restaurant

Krishna’s Vegetarian Kitchen a unique VEGETARIAN food joint and provides only vegetarian and vegan food in the temple premises.

This Kitchen serves dinner in variety of dishes, such as Continental, Asian, Indian, Italian,Spanish, Mexican etc. They also assist in catering. Their egg less cakes are a speciality!

Please come and enjoy the karma free diet and get darshan of their Lordships!

For details please click on the following link:

Bhakti Bazar

The gift store is located in the lobby of the temple and carries:

Gifts, Clothing, Incense, Necklaces, Indian clothing, children clothing, Books, children books and more

Store hours

6.00Pm to 8.00PM week days

5:00PM – 9.00 PM Saturday and Sunday

Bhakti Bazaar has new exciting items items in the shop now. Please come and check out the new clothing,books, harmoniums, Mridangas…..the list is endless. And all at a very reasonable price. Please come and scoop them up QUICK!! They are gorgeous one of a kind and I don’t see them lasting long!!!

Spiritual Gatherings

ISKCON’s founding guru, Srila Prabhupada, expressed that “Preaching is the essence” of Hare Krishna movement. He desired that the timeless wisdom of Krishna Consciousness be shared all over the world. One of the foremost methods for accomplishing this task is by gatherings or Satangs! Sydney Congregation lays a great emphasis on spiritual gatherings. Devotees of the congregation are regularly invited to present Krishna Consciousness to families and perform kirtan with them.

The after effects of euphoric and uplifting kirtans and thoughtful deep philosophy leaves families feeling great warmth and happiness from the association of devotees and holy name!

Apart from the temple we have 18 localities in Sydney where preaching activity is conducted. Please look up the nearest neighborhood and join the preaching sessions to know about “who we are and what is the purpose of life……”. For more details please refer to the following link:


Serve Sri Sri Radha Gopintha by becoming a monthly donor. There are various ways in which you can donate.

Here are some:

Category 1 – Daily Seva

$250 per day – choose a particular day to sponsor all the Lord’s bhoga offerings,Arati’s ,bathing/dressing and birthdays, anniversary days etc

Janmastami festival Deity sponsorships

Other Major Festivals :Gaura-Purnima, Nityananda Trayodasi, Rama Navami, Nrsimha-Caturdasi, Radhastami, Radha-Gopinatha’s Anniversary,Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja day. Appearances of other Vaisnava Acaryas

Category 2 – Nitya Seva

This is a seva that is done daily for the whole year. There are 5 categories of sponsorships

· Diamond Member $5200 per year or $100 per week

· Platinum Member $2600 per year or $50 per week

· Gold Member $5 per day or $155 per month

· Silver Member $2 per day or $62 per month

· Bronze Member $1 per day or $31 per month

——————————————————— Please cut from here and print it————————————–

ISKCON Sydney Deity Sponsorship Form

Name:_________________________________ Date:…/…./….


State:_______ Post code:____Tel:_____________Mob:______________ Work:________________

Email Address: _____________________________ Sponsorship on behalf of:__________________

Category 1 – Daily Seva

Daily Seva $250. Date of Sponsorship __/__/__

Major Festival $1008

Daily Seva Janmastami Festival $5001

Daily Seva Srila Prabhupad Vyasa Puja $1500

Daily Seva other Vaisnava Acarya $501

Category 2 – Nitya Seva

Diamond level $5200/year or $100 per week

Platinum level $2600 per year or $50 per week

Gold level $5/day or $155/month

Silver level $2/day or $62/month

Bronze level $1/day or $31/month


Cash……………………………….. Other_________ Cheque [Payable to ‘ISKCON Inc.’]

Please debit my card every month on the 16th starting from 16/__/___

Card Number Master/Visa

Signature:_____________________ Expiry__/__/

Thank you for your kind support in serving Sri Sri RadhaGopinatha

For more information on donations please contact His Grace Vijay Gopikesh Das–Temple Vice President on 0419382105 or at

Please feel free to give your suggestions/feedback at

Thank you very much! Hare Krishna!

Quote of the Week

On the Importance of loud chanting
As soon as we have got some time, chant Hare Krsna. Either loudly or silent… As far as possible loudly; if not possible, silently. But the tongue must go, Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. The tongue must work. And as far as possible, should be heard…

By His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


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