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If you want to know what is going in in the world of devotee in Australia, and abroad, set your controls to lay in a course to is a website designed to bring you news and information. Our job is to inspire you and keep you in touch with the programs and efforts of others. You can help by telling us about your program or your service.

Click on CONTACT on the toolbar and let us know about your project is about, what your progam is, however small – everyone is interested. Help us share the efforts of devotees with the entire devotee community.

If you have a photo to go with your story we can use it, if you have a video on Youtube send us the link. If you have posted something interesting on a blog let us know.

If you are in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, New Guinea, or anywhere in the region we want to hear from you.

Click on CONTACT on the toolbar, we are waiting


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