Celibate in Chelsea – a Hare Krishna comedy


Celibate in Chelsea is a movie about all the things you never wanted to know about the Hare Krishnas. Ram, a funny Hare Krishna fanatic practicing celibacy while living in Chelsea, the red light district of New York, meets Megan, a frustrated millionaire socialite. In previous lives Megan was Master Lin and Ram was his female follower, Lotus. In this life they meet accidentally, literally, and again at work, a business Megan has just secretly purchased. They accidentally date, fall in love and suffer from “post-reincarnation gender-change blues.When Megan gets a prank marriage proposal from office jerks, after hilarious trials and tribulations she turns marvelously proactive and surprises Ram with both the knowledge that she is extremely wealthy and their ‘Skinny Little Hare Krishna Wedding’ in her penthouse.”

Find out more on the web site http://www.celibateinchelsea.com/

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