Their Lordships Nitai Gauranga appear in the Festival of Fisher’s Ghost (this weekend)


Its Spring time again, come and participate in the upcoming Palanquin Street Parade in Campbelltown as part of the 2012 Festival of Fisher’s Ghost.

Come and celebrate the legend, the history and the exceptional community spirit of Campbelltown City! With a big Kirtan during this Auspicious month of Kartik Festival.

Where: Saturday 3rd November 2012
When: AssembleTime: 1:00pm.
Address: Queen St & Broughton St, Campbelltown, New South Wales.

How to get there: 5min from Campbelltown Train Station.

Don’t miss this opportunity to personally lift Lord Gauranga & Nitai and rapidly progress in your spiritual life!

Bring your family and friends along. All are welcome! Free Admission!
Please forward this email to your family and friends.

Your Humble Servant
Ananda Moya Das
0412 474 295


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