Yuga Dharma: Harinamananda reports from Capetown



By Harinamananda Dasa on Facebook

Today I spent the whole day with The Holy Name. Cooked up a killer kichari for the Cape Town devotees, while listening to to a lecture on the kitchen radio explaining the importance of the Yuga-dharma

Then sat in front of the beautiful Sri Sri Nitai-Mayapur Candra. Finishing the rest of my rounds, begging to be engaged in their service. Then Djuma (one of the bhaktas) walks in temple ready to go on sankirtan and then a flower falls from the altar…..”I’m going on harinama!” Grab Chi with me set out on Main Road in Rodebosch, it’s was simply mind-blashting!!

A teller from African Bank invites in and wants us to chant and dance in the bank, she serving a customer – but she didn’t care. She ask who we were? I said “We’re priest! From the Krishna Church!’ Hehe (Ask me later about that one) That we rock it,the teller danced and chanted with us and the whole bank loved it!!! Even the customers. That was just the beginning.

Then just 5 mins down, we stopped at a bus stop. (It would be nice to another Harinama bus party) I’ll tell ya, it was like these guys were just waiting for a harinama to come past. Full on dancing and chanting from the heart. It was amazing!!!! More and more people crowded around and bus loads of people came. Taking pictures, videos – Everything! I was thinking “Ok Gauranga, thank you but I think that’s enough mercy for one day”

But then we saw some school kids hanging at the school gate, they didn’t seem so interested – but something kept me there. It was a small group, got them moving a little bit and broke down the mantra. They hesitantly chanted. But then school finished and hundreds of kids were coming our way. (I always wanted to do a Harinama at a high school, when school finished) Then the unbelievable happened, I didn’t know where I was or what was really happening. But somehow these kids just started chanting and dancing like anything. I went crazy! Heheh Two girls approach us asking who we were – again with the “Priest from the Krishna church!” wrote down the mantra and invited to the temple. They seem so fired up!! So much reciprocation. 4 hours of solid Harinama, just on one street. So many interactions! Such absorption!!

Then we got back greeted by the lovely Cape Town devotees and tucked into some fine prasadam cooked by Brhat Mrdanga. To go on Harinama again!!! Yes!!! Again!!! I’m going!!! Man, we rocked that street, especially with the homeless guys. They were in ecstasy! When straight into the temple for the sweetest Sri Damodarastkam kirtan I ever heard.

Sri Sri Nitai-Mayapur Candra you are so merciful to me, I’ll try my best to please You. Harinama Sankirtan ki Jaya! All glories to Guru and Gauranga!! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!


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