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vaisnav songs


Some web sites are very simple and easy to use, but this doesn’t mean mean they aren’t useful and won’t keep you coming back for more. Vaishnavsongs.com is a simple catalogue of songs, but is so useful you will come back often.

Songs are an essential part of the practice of bhakti, we use them to worship the deities in the temple, when offering food to Krishna and when remembering and honoring the acaryas. Singing these songs is an act of devotion in itself and, as this web site reminds us, they transfer our consciousness to higher levels of love of God.  Vaishnavsongs.com contains a large collecton of audio and video of all your favourites and more.

Everything you need to find your way around the site is along the top menu bar. Wherever you find yourself you get get back to the beginning by clicking the ‘home’ tab.

The next tab, ‘Song List’ will take you to the main song list containing hundreds of titles in alphabetical order. you can browse through the songs finding ones you know by name, or checking out the ones that catch your eye. Each song title is a link which you can click to view the page where the song can be found in it’s original language, as well as in English translation.

If the song in the list has a CD icon with a musical note against it this means there is a link to an audio file on the song page. You can listen online or download the song to your computer. Some songs have a number of tracks by different kirtanyas.

If the song in the list has a picture icon of a film strip against it this means a video of the song is available for you to watch.

At the bottom of each song page there are a set of social media buttons which allow you to share the songs with your friends on any of your social media sites, or by email. There is also a link, ‘Download PDF’ that you click on to copy the song to your computer.

On the right side of the page there is a box titled ‘Related Songs’ which shows you other songs available from the same author or source.

The next tab along the menu bar ‘Categories’ takes you to a list of the songs by type or by theme.  The ‘Composer’ tab lets you view the songs by the  name of the author.

The ‘Download’ tab gives you a link to copy a song book to your computer containing many of the songs in the site. The ‘Audio’ tab lets you view all the songs with sound files categorized by composer, whilst the ‘Video’ tab catagorizes the available video by song name.

The last tab on the menu bar, ‘Search’ allows you to quickly locate a song you are looking for using a predictive search facility that finds the names of songs similar to the text you type.



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