“Krishna Tees” devotion meets street/surf/skate fashion

“Krishna Tees” devotion meets street/surf/skate fashion.
Krishna Tees is a devotional t-shirt project on KickStarter. The t-shirts are designed as spiritual conversation starters. They combine today’s urban fashion with an understated expression of spirituality.
Nitai Das is a graphic designer from New Zealand and the creator of Krishna Tees. He went to school at the Christchurch gurukula and has been involved with Krishna consciousness throughout his life. Inspired by the lack of Krishna streetwear, he set about creating his own line of t-shirt print designs that deliver what he feels is the right balance of Krishna consciousness and street/skate style fashion. The goal is to further push Krishna consciousness into contemporary culture.
For those new to crowdfunding: Kickstarter has been used to fund 73,000 creative projects to the tune of $1 billion dollars since 2009. It’s a way of getting the capital investment for a project by pre-ordering the product. It has been used to fund everything from feature films to key rings. If the funding goal is not reached however the project supporters are not charged and the project simply does not go ahead.
You can view the range of t-shirts at www.krishnatees.com and Pre-Order them on the KickStarter page www.kickstarter.com/projects/1978535676/krishna-tees.


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