Pouring in that nectar



Hearing means doing.

for six years I’ve heard wisdom and just made posts or jokes about it. Thinking that putting this on top of my fixed way of being will make me a more refined person but it doesn’t work that way. It needs to sink in and transform me at the paradigm level.

Scriptural lessons with out application are not only pointless but are poison.
With knowledge comes responsibility. But instead of immediately integrating knowledge into my life I just add it on top of my fixed habitual conditioned way of being making a hypocrite out of myself at every moment.

I’ve been getting ready to get ready to live it.

Now that I’ve realised where I went wrong I am in a perfect place to start an amazing life actually using the tools I’ve been shopping for for so long. It’s time to realistically plan and take steps towards freedom in Krsna consciousness.

When something nectar sinks in it pervades the entire thing. It transforms it. If you keep pouring in that nectar you eventually end up with pure nectar and that where I want to be in 6 years.

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