Honest, reliable, Vrindavan Taxi Service

Krishna Balaram Temple

If you are travelling to, from, or around Vrindavan and want a honest, reliable,and friendly taxi service please call my friend Jitoo Sagar. He lives in Vrindavan and has an office there.

You can call Jitoo in Vrindavan on 09837418377 to ask about his taxi service and to make a booking.

I personally recommend this taxi service. I know Jitoo’s family and they are my friends.

When Leanne and I were in Vrindavan, in February this year, we used Jitoo’s taxi service to go to many places in the area. His car was always clean and always on time. You will find the rates reasonable with no hidden costs.

Give him a call and tell him Antony sent you.

Hare Krishna


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