Sydney Ratha Yatra – March 28th 2015



Have you ever wanted to just run down the main street of the city, just dancing and singing at the top of your voice? Well, now you can! On March 28th 2015. Stick that in your diary.

The Jagannatha Ratha Yatra – the Festival of Chariots – is first and foremost a great parade of the people, of singing and dancing, and above all of pulling the chariots of Jagannatha, Balaram and Subhadra as they take to the streets to offer their blessings to one and all.

Everyone is welcome to join in, everyone should join in, indeed the Festival of Chariots can extend to hundreds and thousands of people all coming together in happy celebration as they draw the chariots along, pulling on the ropes, playing musical instruments, waving flags, blowing conch-shells, singing and chanting.

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