Update on Mukunda Maharaja Thursday 29th 9.10pm



Update on Mukunda Maharaja Thursday 29th 9.10pm

I apologise if you have already received this update as we are now only producing one report so not to cause confusion.
All those concerned who are medically trained please rest assured that Maharaja is being managed by the most senior consultants in this world class facility.

I also apologise for the drama I caused yesterday after the surgeon called me.

Krsna Kirtana dasa

SUMMARY: Mukunda Goswami is stable but weak. The surgery for his hip fracture is scheduled for October 30, 7:30am Brisbane time (or 2:00am Indian time and 17:30pm EST)

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Thu 29th Oct 15:30pm Brisbane time:

It has been a stable night for Mukunda Goswami, with slightly raised blood pressure managed by medication. Maharaja is on painkillers but is fully conscious. He is off ventilator since yesterday morning and off heart-supportive medication since today morning, so both his lungs and his heart are strong enough to function on their own. Therefore cardiologists have given him clearance to proceed with the hip surgery.

All the medical teams (cardio, orthopedic, and medical) agree that operation needs to be done as soon as possible as Maharaja won’t be able to recover fully from the heart surgery until he gets up and moving. They also suspect an inner hemorrhage in the fracture region, which makes the surgery all the more urgent.

However, Maharaja’s overall physical condition is still pretty weak, anaemic, with significantly low Hb, so the doctors have decided to give him blood transfusion (2 Units)and an extra day of rest.

The hip surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning, October 30, at 7:30am Brisbane time (2:00am Indian time or 17:30pm EST the day before) and will take about 3 hours with preparation and post-surgery care. Mukunda Maharaja has given his written consent for the surgery. They will still run a number of tests on Maharaja to assess his blood composition and adjust medication to minimize the risk of both clotting and haemorrhaging. He will then have to be cleared by the leading cardiac anesthetists and monitored closely overnight but they do not expect any major changes in their plans for tomorrow.

Interestingly, most of the medical staff caring for Maharaja at the hospital, including nurses and doctors, are of the South Indian origin, and they greet Maharaja and devotees with folded palms and a “Hare Krsna”. This morning the ultrasonographic specialist who came to scan Maharaja’s heart, upon learning of his patient’s background smiled as he pulled out from under his collar and showed us his brahmans thread, adding “Hare Krsna!” All in all, the doctors and staff treat Maharaja with a lot of respect and care.
We hope that Maharaja will be able to get substantial rest and nourishment so much needed for tomorrow’s procedure, which still involves substantial risk given Maharaja’s emaciated condition.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

On behalf of Mukunda Maharaja’s disciples and followers
your servant,

Madana-mohan das


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