vedicsky is the result of Anand Lakshmanan’s desire to find a way to distribute Krishna conscious literature as far and as wide as possible.

Running the bookshop at the ISKCON temple in Adelaide, Australia, Anand found it a challenge to obtain many of the books devotees would ask him to get. His dream then was that someone would make available online all the Krishna conscious books ever published. Then he decided to make a web site to do just that. is a not for profit web site designed to help easily find the book you are looking for. If you know the name of a book or the author you can use the search box on the top of the site to see if it is available

If you are just browsing you can use the categories down the left of the site to browse by type. If you click where to can see a plus symbol (+) more detailed sub categories will be revealed for more detailed browsing.

At the time of this review there were more than 900 book titles available. You can also browse other categories including, games, essential oils, clothing and devotional paraphernalia.

“One of the aims of the website,” says Anand, “Is to identity and place on one site as many Krishna Conscious books as possible. I admit that I am not even half way there,” He says “Given the rate that new books are being published I will probably never get there, but still I want to try.” is largely a one-man operation. To collect the books he offers for sale Anand has been dealing with publishers around the world via email and telephone. He says dealing with the publishers is a time consuming task, but dealing with the shipping and logistics is a mammoth undertaking.

Anand says he doesn’t want his web site to be in competition with temple bookshops or the BBT. “On the contrary,” He says. “I am a big customer and admirer of the BBT. Actually I want to help them make books available via this 21st century form of book distribution.”

There are many books on that are not found on other web sites, and the site is not designed to sell direct to book distributors. If you are looking for a book and it is available at the local temple you should get it there, Anand says.

Anand says his web site is intended for people in the Asia Pacific area, including Australia and New Zealand. For people in these zones Anand can offer competitive shipping costs, but he will sell to online visitors from any country.

“My desire is that people unfamiliar with, or new to, Krishna Conscious will come to this site to purchase a vegetarian cookbook or even Herbal Tea, and after browsing they may purchase a Krishna Conscious book. Every purchaser gets a small Krishna Conscious book as a complimentary gift.”

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