Is a vegetarian revolution occurring in Australia? Yes it is.



Between 2012 and 2016, the number of Australian adults whose diet is all or almost all vegetarian has risen from 1.7 million people (or 9.7% of the population) to almost 2.1 million (11.2%), the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal. While it is a nationwide trend, the shift towards vegetarianism has been most striking in New South Wales, where there has been a 30% growth in this kind of diet.

This is a significant surge in the movement away from the standard Australian meat based diet and will have a major and lasting impact on markets and industry. The results of this survey will provide a boost to businesses that supply the vegetarian consumer market and will no doubt give a lift to the vegetarian/vegan revolution.

The findings of the study released today has found there’s been a surge in Australians going off meat altogether with 2.1 million of us (or 11.1 per cent of the population) reportedly vegetarian. In NSW, people not eating meat has surged by 30 per cent.

Roy Morgan Research has shown that many Australians adopt a vegetarian diet for health and/or weight-loss reasons – and this hasn’t changed. Nearly half (48.7%) of Aussies 18+ who eat little or no meat agree that ‘A low-fat diet is a way of life for me’ (well above the population average of 31.9%) and 36.7% agree that ‘I always think of the number of calories in the food I’m eating’ (compared with the 25.2% national average).

The research proves the heavy advertising push by Australia’s meat and livestock industry has failed to gain traction with a broad base of consumers.

Srila Prabhupada Says:

“Vegetables, grains, fruits, milk and water are the proper foods for human beings and are prescribed by Lord Krishna Himself. Whatever else we eat cannot be offered to Him, since He will not accept it. Thus we cannot be acting on the level of loving devotion if we offer such foods.…

“But preparing nice, simple vegetable dishes, offering them before the picture or Deity of Lord Krishna and bowing down and praying for Him to accept such a humble offering enables one to advance steadily in life, to purify the body, and to create fine brain tissues which will lead to clear thinking…

“Above all, the offering should be made with an attitude of love. Krishna has no need of food, since He already possesses everything that be, yet He will accept the offering of one who desires to please Him in that way. The important element, in preparation, in serving and in offering, is to act with love for Krishna.”


Morgan Research



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