Jhulan yatra




The Jhulan yatra festival celebrates Radha and Krishna’s pastime of sitting on a swing. Deities are brought out and given a swing to sit on and in temples around the world devotees wait patiently in a queue and take turns  swing Their Lordships.

The Hari-bhakti-vilasa mentions the swing festival saying the devotees should please Radha and Krishna by applying sandalwood on their body, fanning then with chamara, decorating them with jeweled necklaces, offering palatable foodstuffs, and bringing them out to swing Him in the pleasant moonlight.

The swing festival is currently taking place in Brisbane, Murwillumbah, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth temples, as well as ISKCON temples around the world. Hurry down and have your turn to personally please Radha and Krishna by pushing them in the swing.


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