Religion Under Fire in Australia as Right Wing Group Storms Christian Church


1471196578560Leader of The Party for Freedom pictured with Pauline Hanson of the far right One Nation Party.

A right wing group affiliated with Pauline Hanson’s One nation Party storms a church in Gosford to intimidate and threaten christians with a message of Hate.

The Party for Freedom is a anti Islam group Party for Freedom is an anti-Islam, anti-immigration party whose Facebook page features Senator Hanson as its profile picture.

The Gosford Anglican Church is well known for its stand against racism, Islamaphobia and the imprisonment and torture of refugees.

A sign at the front of the church regularly features online and in the media with statements in support of the marginalised sections of society. and critical of Australia’s hardline refugee policies.

Father Rod Bower described how the right wing group burst in to the church half way through his Sunday sermon and marched around inside and using a loudspeaker vilified Islam and intimidated parishioners.

As they left the right wing thugs threatened the churchgoers saying “Do not promote Islam.”

A report has been made to local police.


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