Sydney Temple goes live on Mayapur TV



Sydney Temple goes live on Mayapur TV

A new camera in the ceiling of the temple room sends sound and video to Maypur TV. So when you can’t get the the temple you can watch it live in the internet.

Go to www.mayapur.TV and scroll down the list until you find the listing for Sydney, click on that and be transported across the inter-webs and straight to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath. Never miss Mangalarati again.

MayapurTV offers a ready-made solution for temples to broadcast live into the homes of devotees and well wisher in their home towns and all across the world.

In 2004, MayapurTV started out under the name of, as a text chat program to serve the UK congregation. As the technology became available, webcam broadcasts of classes and book readings from devotees homes were introduced.
In 2008, Mayapur TV installed cameras in the temple room of ISKCON London, and soon other temples began to use the MayapurTV broadcast service. Los Angeles, Bhaktivedanta Manor, Punjabi Bagh and Mayapur soon followed.

Through, over 10,000 registered devotees as well as casual viewers have immediate access to live ISKCON activities worldwide. regularly facilitates broadcasters who brings the society together for big events – Rathayatras, International Kirtan Melas, the annual Sri Mayapur Festival.

Now Sydney temple joins the list of regular programs to view and relish. Internet nectar never looked so good.

Get online and get something transcendental into you

Madhumangala Dasa



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