Agnideva Fundraiser by Indradyumna Swami, Please Help

Agnideva Fundraiser by Indradyumna Swami

Click here to donate and help pay Agnideva’s medical costs

Hare Krishna! This is an urgent appeal to devotees all over the world.

His Grace Agnideva das, a most beloved devotee and servant of Srila Prabhupada has been admitted to hospital in Sydney with a collapsed lung, and is currently deemed ‘gravely ill’ by the doctors there. Unfortunately his conditioned has necessitated that he be placed in an induced coma in ICU, as his lungs are currently not functioning properly, as well as there being possible cardiac issues.

To most people, he needs no introduction – his voice has been heard in homes and hearts all over the world for over 40 years. Prabhu has spent his entire life serving the holy name and endeavoring to share it with others. He is a jewel amongst kirtan leaders, and his pure kirtan and bhajan have the capacity to awaken devotion in the hearts of everyone. He inspires young and old alike, and always takes time to befriend and encourage devotees wherever he goes.

He has a deep and seasoned understanding for the songs of the Vaishnava acaryas. He sings them at every opportunity and his contribution to the kirtan world is unique in this regard.

Click here to donate and help pay Agnideva’s medical costs

Unfortunately he had not been traveling with insurance, and the hospital bills are mounting up. It is still unclear how long he will need to stay in the hospital, as the doctors are waiting to see how his body responds to the current treatment. An operation may be necessary which will require several weeks of recovery in a special ward. Each day in that ward costs approximately US $4,000.

We beg you to please give from your heart to support this precious devotee in a time of great need. Our goal is to raise US $100,000.

Click here to donate and help pay Agnideva’s medical costs

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