Albert Park College Thanks ISKCON for Muticultural Day


Albert Park College thanks ISKCON for our contribution to the College’s Multicultural Day. Parent Navadwipa Ishwari would like to share the inspiration of introducing Krishna conscious culture to her multicultural school community. Together with other parents – Yamuna Lila, Lajja Lalitha and Maharani Matajis – their children, and a team of devotees, Ishwari is making ISKCON a vital member of the Albert Park College community

Ishwari writes: ‘On Multicultural Day we pulled Lord Jagannatha, Lord Baladeva and Lady Subhadra on Their Ratha cart in the school courtyard. Students danced to an amazing kirtana. We distributed free prasadam, shared henna and face painting, and dressed eager students in traditional Vedic cloth.

Devotees gave forty minute workshops on yoga, meditation, vegetarian cooking, Vedic music and dance, Indian epic stories, Henna painting, garland making and traditional Indian wear. Each workshop featured a slide presentation and hands-on participation. The Principal, staff and students say discovering Krishna conscious culture was a great experience and have re-booked us next year in an expanded time slot.

Now we find teachers visiting the Temple for special prasadam and tours. The College is considering incorporating aspects of Krishna consciousness like yoga and vegetarian cooking into their new curriculum. Our team will cater at the Albert Park College Art Show on October the 21st. We will also host a book stall and gift shop for the expected 2,000 visitors. We will distribute prasadam at the College again in November.

Interested parents and students can now receive the information necessary for them to stage multicultural events in their school. I can also advise on how to communicate with schools.’

See more at Melbourne ISKCON web site:

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