Australian Kulimela Kicks Off: KAPOW!

As far as Week 2 (3rd – 9th of Jan) – Weather is due to be perfect and all Artists are arriving as scheduled… I look forward to 7 days of great times with you all…

Hi everyone, Week 1 of the Mela is off and going! As some of you may know there has been a bit of rain (thats what happens when you live in a rainforest area).

Don’t Fear – Indra (the rain) is due to easy after tuesday (even right now we can see the stars and there is not a drop of it about)

Currently the main access to the farm (bridge) is under water, it will most likely take a day or two to come down for driving access – HOWEVER.

There is access through the neighbours property, you have to walk for 15min on a track through the paddock.

Rather then everyone coming on their own on
Tuesday approx 1-2pm, we will meet at the house across the road from the main entrance to the farm (meet at the farm entrance if in doubt).

Then shortly after we will cross via foot to the farm with the aid of volunteers, coordinators and locals.

The Kulimela Team will then run a less formal Festival format, involving sports, kirtan, get to know each other activitites and of course prasadam… (all the fun stuff)

The Tours have changed due to weather and scheduled as follows:

Thurday: Byron Bay and Local Waterfalls

Friday: Currumbin Rockpools + Gold Coast for Kirtan and Fireworks to bring in the New Year!

PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to cancel any plans but just to see this as Krsna’s Divine arrangement, Day 1 has been a blast with all that are here enjoying each other association and finished with great Bhajans….

Please if we can help in anyway contact us directly…


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