The Australian Kirtan Event of the Year: KIRTAN FEST (coming very soon – very very soon)

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This is happening? YES IT IS!!! If you have been thinking about it – act now. Come for the weekend or come for the day, book a room or camp in a tent.

It is not too late get involved. Voice workshops, kirtan workshops, kirtans with incredible kirtanias, prasadam lunches and dinners, all at the same time. You will never be the same again. This the biggest event of 2012 so far.

Here’s what will happen – contact details at the bottom

4 pm onwards Check-in
6–7:30 pm Dinner and Welcome
7-8 pm Kirtan – Tribhi & the Govinda Kirtan Band (Downstairs Hall)
8-10 pm Kirtan – Vaiyasaki Das (Downstairs Hall)
10pm on kirtan – Sri Prahlad & Gitanjali (Downstairs Hall)

5:30-6:30 am Sunrise meditation at Bald Hill
7 – 8:30 am Yoga class (Downstairs Hall)
7 – 8:30 am Mantra Chill with Tribhi (Upstairs Hall)
8:30-9:30 am Breakfast
10am – 12pm Singing Workshop (Gitanjali) (Upstairs Hall)
10am – 12pm Kirtan – various artists (Downstairs Hall)
12:00-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-3 pm Kirtan – Tribhi & the Govinda Kirtan Band (Downstairs Hall)
3:00-5:00 Kirtan Workshop – Sri Prahlada (Upstairs Hall)
3-4:30 pm Kirtan – Govinda Kirtan Band (Downstairs Hall)
4:30-6 pm Kirtan – Dwaipayana (Downstairs Hall)
4:30-6pm Yoga class – (Upstairs Hall)
6-7:30pm Dinner
7-8:30 pm Kirtan – Gitanjali (Downstairs Hall)
8:30-10pm Kirtan – Sri Prahlad (Downstairs Hall)
10pm on Kirtan – various artists (Downstairs Hall)

5:30-6:30am Sunrise meditation at Bald Hill
7-8:30 am Yoga class (Downstairs Hall)
7-8:30 am Mantra Chill with Tribhi (Upstairs Hall)
8:30-9:30am Breakfast
10am-12pm Singing Workshop (Gitanjali) (Upstairs Hall)
10am-12pm Kirtan – various artists (Downstairs Hall)
12pm-1pm Lunch
1-3 pm Kirtan Workshop (Upstairs Hall)
1:30-3 pm Kirtan – Tribhi (Downstairs Hall)
3-4:30 pm Kirtan – Gitanjali (Downstairs Hall)
4:30-6 pm Kirtan – Sri Prahlad
6pm on Kirtan – Various artists

For enquiries/bookings call Tony on: 0425 333 086.

For more information click here

For online bookings click here

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