Avoid the 10 Facebook Offences

Avoiding the following 10 offences: How to play nicely on Facebook

By Antony Brennan

Communicating using social media platforms like Facebook requires a different set of skills than communicating face to face. Gaining an understanding of the more subtle rules will stop you from looking silly, offending others and from getting into arguments.

Following are the basic offences you can easily fall into when using Facebook. Sometimes you may choose to consciously break some of the rules. When you have an understanding of them you will be able to judge when it is OK to do that. If you don’t come to understand them you will continue to spoil Facebook for yourself, and for others.

1: Commenting without ‘reading’ the initial post. This section can lead to almost all of the following Facebook offences. It is the original and most common Facebook offence. It makes you look pretty silly.

2. Posting a comment that has nothing to do with the original subject. Someone makes a post on a particular subject and you comment on an entirely different issue. This is called hijacking a thread.

3. Posting a comment that attacks the Facebook user rather than discussing the issue they raise.

4: Posting something silly on a serious post someone has made. Someone posts something clearly meant to be serious and you make a silly comment about the issue.

5: Posting something serious on a humorous thread: Someone posts something clearly meant to be tongue in cheek or silly and you make a serious comment about the issue.

6: Facebook contrarianism. Posting the opposite of the original post without adding to the conversation.

7: Joining others into Facebook groups instead of inviting them. This means they start to see the posts made in the group without expressing any interest.

8: Signing up to a Facebook App then clicking OK to send a message all your Facebook friends inviting them to use the App.

9: Re-posting rumors you find on Facebook without checking if there is any truth to them.

10: Tagging all of your FRIEND list in a picture you have posted. When you post a picture all your friends see your post. You don’t need to tag them in it.

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