Breaking News: Giant Storms devastate Govardhana, India

By Antony Brennan

Seven days ago storm chasers gave the classification of ‘hurricane’ to a large storm cell which has been forming over the Mathura region. The storm seems to have been focused on the Govardhana area and authorities feared for local residents who were caught in flash floods and gale force winds. Information coming out of the area suggest there has been much devastation with whole villages washed away.

Witnesses escaping the Govardhana area say they observed dark, ominous clouds circling the villages which, amazingly, appeared to be targeting important structures and roadways. Emergency service crews had been unable to get into the Govardhana area due to swollen rivers and impassable roads.

The witnesses who left before roads were cut say villagers had voiced concerns that the king was planning this year to change ancient traditions and not hold the annual puja for Lord Indra. This was seen by some as a slap in the face for the Demigod. The kings son, Krishna, was said to be encouraging His father and local priests to worship Govardhana mountain instead.

In a debate with Krishna, the seven year old son of Nanda Maharaj, the priests initially supported the worship of Lord Indra saying it was Indra who brought many benefits to the region and the people living there. “Living beings in this world are forced to experience the consequences of their own particular previous work,” Krishna is quoted as saying. “Since Lord Indra cannot in any way change the destiny of human beings, which is born of their own nature, why should people worship him?” He said.

“Being forest dwellers, we always live in the forest and on the hills. Therefore may a sacrifice for the pleasure of the cows, the brahmanas and Govardhana Hill begin! With all the paraphernalia collected for worshiping Indra, let this sacrifice be performed instead.” Krishna is reported to have said.

It is believed the King and priests agreed and that the worship of Govardhana hill should go ahead. Shortly after this the first signs of the storm began with hail and severe winds buffeting outlying areas destroying crops and damaging buildings. The storm them built to reach hurricane proportions creating an impenetrable curtain of destruction and mayhem around Govardhana.

Priests in neighboring areas, hearing of the Govardhana worship, say the storms don’t surprise them and that it is the response of the Demigod Lord Indra who, angered, has sent the clouds of universal destruction, known as Samvartaka to punish the people of Govardhana. “These cowherd men have acted inimically toward me by taking shelter of this ordinary human being, Krishna who thinks Himself very wise but who is simply a foolish, arrogant, over-talkative child,” Lord Indra is reported to have said

The clouds of universal destruction went to the cowherd pastures of Govardhana and there they began to torment the inhabitants by powerfully pouring down torrents of rain upon them.

As the clouds released waterfalls of rain as thick as massive columns, the earth was submerged in the flood, and high ground could no longer be distinguished from low.

NEWS FLASH: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the late breaking news. As the Govardhana hurricane blows itself out, and is downgraded to a tropical depression, amazing, and unbelievable stories are beginning to emerge from the survivors.

At the height of the hurricane, as rivers flooded and homes were destroyed, people began to look for shelter against the sides of Govardhana hill. Finding Krishna, His brother Balarama and His family there people begged for support and shelter. Krishna is reported to have said: “I must therefore protect the cowherd community by My transcendental potency, for I am their shelter, I am their master, and indeed they are My own family. After all, I have taken a vow to protect My devotees.”

Shocking reports reveal that Krishna displayed incredible inhuman abilities. After calming the people and requesting they gather close he dug his hand into the earth and lifted Govardhana hill above the heads of the crowd. “He held it up there like a child would hold a mushroom,” one survivor said.

Initially rocks and soil spilled over and tumbled to the ground and a few cows who had been seeking shelter in rock crevices jumped off the hill and onto the ground but then the hill stabilised and became a giant storm shelter.

At first people were afraid to stand under the giant umbrella but, encouraged by Krishna the son of Nanda, increasingly larger groups, marveling at the display of sheer power, began to enter the safety of cover.

Witnesses say it wasn’t long before others began to hear of the miracle and thousands began to stream into the safety zone. Fires were lit for warmth and to dry the drenched villagers. Food was passed around to nourish the refugees battered by the devastating storm outside.

Even more shocking are reports that Krishna, a seven year old boy, held up the giant hill with the little finger of his left hand for seven whole days. He would accept no help and everyone says he smiled throughout the entire time. It is reported that He kept up a conversation with His parents, the king and queen as well as with the Gopas and Gopis.

Storm survivors say that after the storm abated Krishna put the hill down and an uproar of chanting and praising came from the sky. They say various demigods like Lord Brahma and Lord Siva appeared and the Ghandarvas sang praises as sweet smelling flowers in all the colours of the rainbow poured like rain.

The flooding which should have taken weeks to drain away began to subside as soon as the rain ended. The land became dry and the rivers and creeks returned to their usual levels.

Investigators are trying to verify reports that Lord Indra fell at the feet of the boy Krishna apparently begging his forgiveness.

Amazing as these claims are, storm survivors are adamant about what happened. We will bring you more news as it comes to hand.

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