Breaking News: Ujjain-The Solar Powered Temple!

The extraordinary Ujjain temple where compassion is always in the air in
all aspects from giving back to the community through feeding 20,000 school
children everyday or taking care of every devotee that goes to this temple.
Everyone who has ever been there knows exactly what I am talking about.
Don’t you? Maharaj’s compassionate and caring nature reflects in his Ujjain
temple. Now Ujjain temple has taken the next step in working with the
environment by giving us Krishna’s ray of light through a Solar Powered

One of our god brother’s Ajoydtha Pati prabhu (74 years old) who is
originally from Mauritius and stays in Ujjain most of the time these days
acquired all the Solar Power materials from the supplier. The current
equipment we have at the temple provides the entire electricity needs of
the temple 24 hours a day except the AC and some high voltage stuff.
Everything runs on this system from lights, fans, audio system and all
basic stuff. It was installed on the auspicious day of Janmashtami. The
weather was very cloudy so in the beginning we didn’t get the full charge
because of monsoon season but now the entire power is supplied by the solar
units! The solar panels are currently located on the temple roof.

The head of finance for our temple- His Grace Mukunda Prabhu says “The
Solar Power Plant will save us on our finances”. The electric unit charge
is increasing everyday so it will be considerable help to the temple. If it
works well in the long run and reduces our consumption on electricity, we
will do it to all our buildings. One of the added feature of these solar
panels is that if there is not enough sunlight, it will get power from the
electric grid. So there will be no power failure in the temple with the
electricity running seamlessly without breakdowns. The entire cost of this
project is 13 lakhs which His Grace Ajoydtha Pati prabhu donated. If any
other ISKCON community or temple wants to get this Solar Power Plant then
we will be happy to give further details.

Gurudeva is very enthusiastic about this project. We are saving Laxmi –
when it is connected to the grid, solar energy can overtake the highest
cost electricity at peak demand and can also reduce grid loading, apart
from getting rid of the need for local battery power in darkness. By having
this solar plant we are not only being environment conscious but also are
using a pollution free energy source. It requires less man power as plant
requires little maintenance or help after setup. Therefore, seeing all
these radiant advantages of the Solar Power plant Gurudev is very happy
about this project. Its great to see that with an exceptional devotee like
His Grace Ajoydtha Pati prabhu’s donation, the Ujjain temple is able to
make a small difference to the community by saving energy, keeping the
environment pollution free and ultimately reducing our temple costs. We are
probably the only ISKCON temple with Solar Power Plant.

In service,
Photos taken by Mukunda Das
Article written by Rasalila Dasi

Received on PAMHO

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