DANGEROUS BRISBANE: Grass Roots Harinama Revolution! (on video) where’s yours?

This is the Grassroots Harinama Revolution!!!!!

Starting outside of Govinda’s Restaurtant at 99 Elisabeth St, Brisbane, the sounds of Sri Harinam split asunder the material covering shrouding the hearts of those within sight or sound of the procession of devotees.

Mayadevi came to the Harinam party bringing great spring weather, not too hot, and not too cold, just perfect for the excercising the body in the process of sharing the Holy Names.

The HOly Names proceeded down Elizabeth steet and onto Albert, then along Charlotte street into Edward, down Adelaide to George Street and then back to Elizabeth street. The very footseps of the devotees burning into material reality as they step across it into the transcendental world of calling on the Names of the Lord.

Fifteen dedicated revolutionaries stormed the walls of Kali Yuga distributing prasadam and books to a populace hungry and thirsty for finding the satisfaction and safety of surrender to the Yuga Dharma.

Be careful, this video is rated highly dangerous. People watching it have been reported to find themselves desiring and dreaming about Harinam. Some have found themselves joining the grassroots revolution and getting out on the street. Doctors report the condition is incurable. They say once you start you can’t stop. Watch with care.

Thanks to Krishnapada Dasa for the video and story.

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