Vedic Leadership Seminar in Sydney, Australia

By Antony Brennan for ISKCON News on 13 Aug 2010

On August 7th an 8th, 2010, almost 60 devotees gathered in Sydney, Australia to attend a Vedic Leadership seminar presented by Bhakti-Vidya Purna Swami. The seminar was held over two days with profits donated to the Mayapur Gurukula, to fund scholarships and other requirements.

The event was organised by Vara-Nayaka Das, Temple President at Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha, in Sydney. At the end everyone received a certificate of attendance.

The seminar was based on material used by Bhakti-Vidya Purna Swami in the Vedic Leadership and Management seminar arranged by Bhaktivedanta College at ISKCON Finland. The full course is worth two university credits.

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