An evening of community, joy and inspiration at MY Manly Yoga: With Sri Prahlada

By Premjyoti.

Finally it was time for the international headline act, Sri Prahlada and the Bhakti Band. Sri Prahlada began by reminding us that kirtan is not a spectator sport. What made Kirtan Magic so magical was the heartfelt participation by everyone present. The room was full of people all singing their hearts out, clapping, swaying and dancing in unison. The feeling of connection was palpable – connection to the music, connection with one another, connection within, connection with the divine.

Sri Prahlada is a master of building that feeling of connection. In one kirtan he guided just the men to chant together, then just the women together. We repeated this several times, building the energy, until at last we joined together to sing as one. Pure bliss!! Spiritual stories were artfully woven between the kirtans, keeping the flow going while settling the energy, and allowing us to develop a deeper appreciation of the yoga tradition underpinning the practice of kirtan.

It was an ecstatic experience of oneness, togetherness and openness. Kirtan connected us to an overpowering energy that consumed us heart and soul. It was a high like no other – completely natural, with no nasty side-effects. Afterwards we felt inspired, energised and re-focused on our respective spiritual journeys.

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