Auspicious Festival at New Gokula: Come along for your eternal spiritual benefit.

The auspicious festival of Govardhan Puja is being celebrated here at New Gokula Farm this November on the weekend of the 6th & 7th.

Here is your opportunity to celebrate Lord Krishna’s pastimes and to support cow protection in a realistic way.

There will be special opportunities during the celebrations to serve the cows on Saturday with cow brushing, milking, and more.

Saturday evening will be spent savouring the Holy Name with bhajans led by ISKCON youth.

On sunday the traditional worship of Govardhan Hill will be performed, starting at 10.30 am. There will be a parikram (procession) to the goshal (dairy) with chota Radha Gokulananda, and also around the main compound with some spontaneous lila (pastime) performances.

Special guests His Grace Pratapana prabhu and also HG Viraj Krsna prabhu will offer enlightening insights as the festival unfolds.

There will be lavish worship of Gomata & Govardhan led by our pujari Sriman Narada Krsna Das, and the grand Govardhan feast will follow the celebration.

Please take this once a year opportunity to get special blessings from Lord Sri Krsna to honour his dear-most cows and bulls, and to show your support for establishing in a solid way, in Australia, Srila Prabhupada’s vision of cow protection.

Thank you, we hope to see you here during the festival.

Your Servants at New Gokula

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