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From the New Gokula newsletter:

Hare Krishna well-wishers and devotees.

Just relax and I’ll give you the low-down on important happenings.

Anantasesha has been working hard with his hard-yakka son ,Laxman, to create a really impressive looking Tulasi house in a great spot. You’ll definitely need to pay respects there, – it’s opposite the veggie garden patch

now run by African refugees.The Africanas are doing fine incidentally-a bumper crop of Maize and beans ,and now diversifying with sweet potatoes, cabbages and snow peas. The interface with the Catholic nuns chaperoning our African friends is a display of multi-faith co-operation, and looks to hold great promise for a joint effort to help both refugees and New Gokula.

Our intrepid cow lover ,Sriman Pradhana, battered ,but not broken, has returned after an extended 2-decade stay in the big smoke . Seeing the relentess waves of Kali mercilessly pounding city dwellers, Pradhana has retreated to the Hunter to ready the embankments for the fallout, and also to look after New Gokula’s aging bovines ,and maybe knock out a few of etchings. Ask him to introduce you to the farm pet cow ,Rani ,if you haven’t had a formal intro.

Wild Bill is now with us wearing a holster full of hammers ,nails -you name it,and he’s itching for a scrap with rusty hinges,ill-fit doors,blocked pipes,and loose gutters. Actually, Bhakta Bill, with 70 years under his belt, is a match for blokes half his age, and twice his weight. We’re happy to have such a humble ,sincere bhakta setting the mood of service.

Just a mention about Shyam, the man. He’s locked up in the Goshal mostly milking cows .But he’s multi-tasking. This week Bharat and Ram ,our 2 month old bullocks will give Shyam his first lesson in bullock training. Cameras are rolling.

SO ,we’ll be inviting everyone to get in with their boots on- for some not to be missed all-weather- working-beez ,not far down the pipeline. Stay tuned.

Thanks so much to all who’ve lent a hand here with the Gaura -Purnima festival ,weddings of Shakuntala and Ray ,and also Shivani and Martin.. And thanks to the generosity of our cow sponsors for helping support the programs.

We’ll be getting some pictures out to you this week.

your servants at New Gokula Farm

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