New Gokula News bulletin – June 2011

Dear devotees , welcome to the winter edition of New Gokula news.

Lord Chaitanya’s increasing waves of love of Godhead are impacting the darkened corners of the material world , progressively fulfilling His desire to mercifully bestow wonderful benediction on all fallen souls. Recently the waves of inundation were perceived in a more gross manifestation of a thousand mls of rainfall. The dam is now FULL.

As we write ,Anantasesha and Laxman prabhus are readying Tulasi’s new house for the transfer of Tulsi devi from Anantasesha’s home. Anantasesha is usually on hand at the farm to show visitors around and answer questions about Tulasi care , (among other areas of interest). Since Bhakti Visrambha Madhava Swami (Tulasi Maharaja) is now an annual visitor to New Gokula , this attractive and well designed green house for Srimate Tulasidevi will be a great inspiration to all those who attend his wonderful discourses. Stay tuned for upcoming seminar in 2012.

Renovations are also nearing completion on the previous guest cottage ,which now houses devotee staff. Bhakta Bill and AdiPurusa are keen to exercise their practical skills on upcoming projects.

Hare Krishna.

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