Govardhana Puja is Coming


This is one of the best pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna-

One day, however, sensing that Indra had become overly proud of his position as king of heaven, Lord Krishna convinced the residents of Vrindavan to modify their festival and celebrate Govardhan Hill instead, arguing that it was the fertile soils on the hill that provided the grass upon which the cows and bulls grazed; that the cows and bulls who provided milk and ploughed the lands should be worshipped. This turn of events naturally upset the mighty Indra, who retaliated with terrifying rains and thunderstorms. Seeing this, Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, calmly lifted Govardhan Hill with the little finger of His left hand and held it up like a giant umbrella, providing a shelter for the people and animals of Vrindavan from the torrential downpours.

At ISKCON Sydney Temple we celebrate this festival as follows:

Devotees build a replica of Govardhan Hill made of various opulent foods, worship Lord Krishna as the lifter of Govardhan Hill, worship the hill as His incarnation, and worship the cows and bulls who are dear to the Lord. At the end of the festival, the hill of prasada (sanctified food) is distributed to the public. All Vaishnava temples in India and throughout the world observe this ceremony, and hundreds of people are fed prasada according to the capacity of each temple.


6 pm – 7 pm – Kirtan
7 pm – Gaura Aarati
7.30 pm – 8.15pm – Govardhan Parikrama
8.15 pm – Free Feast
9 pm – Aarati

New Govardhana

Sunday 11 November 2012

The term “Govardhana” has two meanings. The word “Go’ means cows, and “vardhana’ means nourishment. Another meaning of “Go” is senses and also “vardhana” means to increase the attachment of the senses towards Sri Krishna. Sri Giriraja is the best example of one whose senses are very attached to Sri Krsna. Sri Giriraja kindly blesses the devotee by increasing his bhakti. Thus, by residing on the foothills of Sri Giri Govardhana, one’s senses and one’s activities becomes purified to serve the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. We would like to invite you to celebrate this special festival with us.


2.00 pm – 2.45 pm Bottom Paddock, New Govardhana parikrama path (weather permitting)
Feeding the cows (Go-Puja) and construction of Govardhana Hill
3.00 pm Temple room Bhajan Kirtan by Ashwini
3.15 pm Abhiseka of Lord Giriraja in temple room
4.00 pm Procession of Lord Giriraja to marquee
4.15 pm Darshana of Lord Giriraja on hill of sweets and then Class
5.00 pm Circumambulate Lord Giriaja
5.30 pm Feast

New Gokula Farm

ISKCON Melbourne

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