Grass Roots Harinama Revolution rips a hole in the fabric of space time and Krishna pours in.

“Cold and wet in Brisbane but 13 devotees still go out to distribute the Holy Names! Lots of Janmastami flyers distributed and two books. Gaura Premanandi!”

This is a report from Brisbane Devotees after a succesful Grass Roots Harinama Revolution. Dancing in the street and singing the names of the Lord. Due to the activities of Devotees in Brisbane many suburbs receive the nectar of the Holy Names. They know how to get it in on in Brisbane.

So where are your Harinam photo’s? Let us know so we can share them with everyone and further the cause of the Grass Roots Harinama Revolution. Get on board.

Check out the rest of the photos here on facebook

Whilst you are there check out the cool video

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